Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Testing

Folks who are planning on running a business centered around cannabis and CBD products will have to think about a lot of legal business, and a good deal of thought will need to be directed at having your products tested. Having cannabis products tested is essential for ensuring they meet legal guidelines, especially in states where cannabis is not fully legal, where CBD testing is essential to separating cannabis products from CBD products.

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If you have any questions about testing your cannabis in your own lab or through professional testing labs such as Aurum Labs, check out the list of frequent questions related to cannabis testing to see if your answer is already waiting for you.

What tests should I be running on my products to sell to dispensaries?

You should be testing things like the pesticides, potential contaminants, the THC and CBD levels in your plants, the potency of the plant’s terpenes, and the amount of microbials present in your plants. All of these things should be examined thoroughly before you think about trying to sell to local dispensaries.

How much of my plant do I need to get tested?

This depends on if you are trying to test cannabis flower or cannabis extract. If you are testing your flower, you should go with at least 5 grams for a compliance test. For cannabis extracts, you should shoot for at least a 2 gram sample for a compliance test.

Why is it so important to make sure I test my product?

When you test your product, you are able to show dispensaries and customers that your plant is exactly what you claim it to be. When someone has access to reading lab tests, they don’t have to trust a company, because they can verify the claims made by the company for themselves. Testing is also essential to making sure your product falls within legal parameters for your state.

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Hopefully, some of this information helped answer some of your questions so you are now up to speed on how getting your cannabis products professionally tested will go a long way for your legal compliance and trust in your product.