Types of Colon and Rectal Surgeries

Surgeries performed on the colon and rectum are complex yet essential. These surgeries can reduce a significant amount of pain felt by the patient and improve the overall functioning of the digestive tract. If you are considering going to a mt pleasant surgery center for your colorectal requirements, you should first be aware of the procedures carried out by these hospitals.


This is a colon surgery that involves resection of the colon or removal of the entire or parts of the large intestine. This can be done in a sectional way where the infected segment is cut and removed. It is also employed when a cancerous polyp is present in the colon or rectum.

Some of these require incisions while others employ a colonoscope.  Some diseases such as familial polyposis require the removal of the entire colon which is also achieved through this procedure.


This procedure involves the surgeon makes a hole in the abdominal wall of the patient and pulling one end of the colon through it. This surgery can ultimately alter the way the patient’s body excretes fecal and waste matter. This procedure can be permanent or temporary depending on the severity of the disease.

Endoscopic surgery

This procedure employs the use of a flexible tube with a camera at the tip assisted by a light. It is designed to avoid incision by allowing the surgeon to view the inside of the patient’s colon. This reduces the discomfort and pain associated with incisions. Endoscopic surgery is commonly used for the diagnosis of colon and rectal infections.


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All colon and rectal problems are solved in similar ways using similar procedures. These surgeries are designed to provide the most comfort to the patient while effectively eliminating the disease from their system. Most of these procedures do not require incisions which make them easier to bear.